COVID – 19 Procedures

We are seeing patients in the office. Below are the steps we will be taking to ensure the safety of our patients and employees.

We will continue offering curbside service for clean and checks, repairs, batteries, and other supplies. Our Doctors and staff will also be available by phone to help with any problems you may be having with your hearing aids.


  • Hand sanitizer will be easily accessible throughout the office.
  • Social distancing greater than 6 feet and other steps to minimize direct contact between individuals will be exercised when possible.
  • Offices, sound booth, and public areas will be cleaned and sanitized after every patient.


  • Doctors and office staff will wear medical or surgical grade masks at all times.
  • Sanitization products – ie, surface cleaner, gloves, and mask will be available.
  • Routine, best-practices hand-washing for 20 seconds after coming in contact with patients and/or devices.


  • All patients and other guests will be screened for temperature and COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival or each visit. Those failing the screening will be encouraged to contact their healthcare provider, will be rescheduled and not permitted in the office.
  • Visitors allowed only when necessary for vulnerable populations needing assistance. Even then, one visitor will be allowed. Staff will remind the patient when personally calling about their appointment.
  • All patients should receive a personal phone call from the Front Office staff to confirm the appointment and be asked CDC questions.

Office Staff Will:

  • Ask screening questions to find out if the patient is sick or has been exposed to someone who has been ill (If so, patient will need to self-quarantine for 14 days and the appointment will be rescheduled).
  • Remind patient to stay in their vehicle until staff is ready to see patient.
  • Inform patient they MUST wear a mask (homemade masks are acceptable).
  • Inform the patient their temperature will be taken before entering the building.
  • No outside gloves are to be worn into the office.
  • Notify patient that no visitors are coming into the office at this time unless required for vulnerable populations needing assistance.

Waiting Room/Visitation

  • All appointments should be personally contacted and asked to stay in their vehicle. Upon arrival, patient will call the office so we know they are outside and a staff member will be out to get them when it is time for their appointment. The front doors should remain locked.
  • No one will be permitted to wait in the waiting room. All patient companions must wait in the car outside unless the doctor requests their presence.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our practice. We appreciate you and hope to see you soon!