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Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from some type of hearing impairment. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware that gradual hearing loss is happening to them. Hearing loss affects people of all ages — the good news is that most cases can be managed effectively with a variety of solutions.

Why Do I Need To Treat My Hearing Loss?

Hearing health is crucial, but not in the ways you might expect. Treating your hearing loss can lead to improved physical health and a better quality of life. Individuals with hearing loss may also have balance issues and are at higher risk for falls due to limited environmental sound reference points. Treatment of hearing loss can increase sound awareness, in turn improving your balance and safety.

When someone has difficulty hearing, extra energy is required to understand sound and conversations. Studies have shown when hearing loss is appropriately managed, working memory and brain power are improved.

Often gradual changes in hearing can go undetected for years and, as hearing declines, so can communication skills. Hearing should be evaluated every two years to catch hearing loss early so that relationships with your loved ones may be maintained and communication skills are not affected. When someone uses hearing aids, they have more successful communication, improved confidence in social settings, and are less self-critical.

What Should I Do If I Have A Hearing Loss?

Are you or a loved one experiencing hearing loss? If so, an audiologist can help. Look for a doctor of audiology that has been uniquely trained to manage hearing and balance issues. A diagnostic hearing evaluation has many purposes and goals. If there is a medical reason for your hearing loss, the audiologist will likely recommend you see another health care professional for your condition. Contact the audiologist’s office — they can answer some questions you might have prior to your appointment regarding insurance and what to expect.

Better hearing can improve your quality of life. If myths have held you back, start fresh by contacting us with any questions or visit our website to learn more about hearing, tinnitus, and today’s effective treatments.
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